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Anyone can build you a website.

Almost anyone can collect data about the people who visit your site.

But very few can combine the technological know-how and marketing savvy to build a site that uses data to shape the look, feel, and operation of your business.

Count Magic Box among those few.

We use a continuous loop of information to first build your site, then enhance your site, and ultimately to evolve your Internet operations to optimize your business.

Magic Box is made up of people who can help you cut through yesterday's Internet hype to see a brighter future for your business. We won’t make you foot the bill for our cappuccino machines or for the Xbox in our company rec room through inflated invoices. We focus on your business objectives, not the high score on Guitar Hero.

But don't just take our word for it. We hate to name drop, but let the success of such clients as Cardillo Seasonings, HFCC Foundation, Metro Ad Funds, the City of Melvindale, and many more reassure you that the same magic that worked for them, will work for your company.

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